Te Wai Mauri - Ko Wai Mātau?

We are an environmental contracting company and native plant nursery.

Te Wai Mauri Limited is a hapū led and owned business, established by Ngāti Pārau at Waiohiki Marae. Our Kaitiaki Rangers complete mahi including fencing, weed management, planting and pest control. Our Nursery team grow native plants, locally sourced and suited to Hawke’s Bay conditions.

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Kaitiaki Rangers

Kaitiaki Rangers Logo and Fencing Contractros Association LogoOur team of Kaitiaki Rangers are keen, qualified and experienced with specialized equipment.

  • Chainsaws
  • Scrub bars
  • Augers
  • Knapsacks
  • 4WD vehicles
  • Spray unit (600L 4WD slip on unit with 100m reach)


Other skills on offer include:

  • Cultural Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Drain Laying
  • Heavy Machinery: Excavator, Loader, Tractor operations
  • Environmental Management
  • Landscaping
  • Track Maintenance
  • Blackberry & Wilding Pine Removal 

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Native Nursery Photos

Te Wai Mauri Nursery

Te Wai Mauri Nursery has native plants available for sale. If you’d like to discuss your plant supply needs, contact us now for a quote or to place your order.

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With the declining water quality of our rivers and new regulations for land management impacting waterways, more native plants need to be planted. 

The Kaitiaki Rangers at Te Wai Mauri are experienced at planting riparian, coastal and wetland zones. We have experience working with community groups, landowners, corporate businesses, government and councils.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations. We take pride in our work and will go the extra mile. If you have revegetation projects, our team can be trusted to do the mahi well.

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Pest Control

Pest Control is an essential part of protecting our environment and giving biodiversity a fair chance.

Our Kaitiaki Rangers have experience in pest control for rats, rabbits/hares and mustelids.

Our Kaitiaki Rangers can assess and address pest issues in your area. Tracking tunnels and DOC 150/200/250 traps can be installed and maintained.

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Weed Management

Kaitiaki Rangers have a 600L 4WD slip on unit with 100m reach capabilities for the most challenging terrains and knapsacks for those harder to reach areas or smaller scale jobs.

All requests for weed management quotes welcome from grubbing thistles, hand-release for revegetation projects, scrub barring of overgrown areas, to targeted cut and paste work and chain sawing mahi.

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Fencing of riparian areas is an area of key importance for improving the mauri of our waterways.

Looking for fencing contractors in Hawke's Bay? Our Kaitiaki Rangers build sheep and deer fences, including installation of gates and fence repairs. Contact us to request a site visit and no-obligation quote for your fencing needs.

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Kaitiaki Rangers doing the mahi for nature...

Kororā Enhancement Project.

Kororā Enhancement Project

The Kaitiaki Rangers were contracted to provide a range of services around the Port and Ahuriri area. The aim was to protect existing penguin habitat and also extend it. Our team built and installed penguin nest boxes, installed and set DOC-150 traps and planted 500 NZ Native plants.

Track Maintenance (Kaweka) and Pest Control (Boundary Stream).

Track Maintenance (Kaweka) and Pest Control (Boundary Stream)

Our Kaitiaki Rangers are working on projects with Department of Conservation through Jobs for Nature. Recent training and work has included track maintenance at the Kaweka Range and re-setting of A24 traps to control rodent populations at Boundary Stream.

Extension to Waitangi Wetland.

Extension to Waitangi Wetland

Kaitiaki Rangers prepared the site and planted approximately 900 riparian plants. Biodiversity Hawke's Bay provided the funding and Ngāti Pārau rangatahi (youth) volunteered as part of a wānanga. This restoration work enhanced efforts underway by Ngāti Pārau and HB Regional Council to restore the fishery habitat in the wetland and estuarine area.