Te Wai Mauri ~ About Us

Te Wai Mauri Limited is a hapū led and owned business, established by Ngāti Pārau to provide employment opportunities involving kaitiakitanga principles.

Te Wai Mauri Limited was incorporated in September 2020. Our 100% shareholder is Te Wai Mauri Charitable Trust.

The primary focus of our business is protection of te taiao underpinned by te ao Māori and tikanga practices. 

We have a team of qualified Kaitiaki Rangers available for environmental contracting work throughout Hawke's Bay. Our Kaitiaki Rangers are trained at Eastern Institute of Technology at Taradale. Our Kaitiaki Rangers have qualifications in Growsafe for safe chemical handling, outdoor first-aid, chainsaw, LUV/quad bike licenses, traffic control, fencing, pest management, small engines and also complete day skippers courses. Staff attend wānanga held at Waiōhiki Marae embodying mātauranga Māori topics.

Te Wai Mauri Nursery sources seed locally and grows healthy, hardy plants to suit Hawke’s Bay conditions. Our Nursery staff have Horticultural qualifications. Forward orders are encouraged to secure your plant supply needs for the following year's planting season.

Ngāti Pārau

Ngāti Pārau is a hapū of Ngāti Kahungunu and mana whenua in the Ahuriri, Napier area.

Ngāti Pārau has a strong tradition in delivering environmental outcomes for the community. Ngāti Pārau is acknowledged for its work in the enhancement of the mauri of the Tūtaekurī river and the re-establishment of Rongoā species for their native planting programme. Waiōhiki Marae is the home of Ngāti Pārau Hapū, located in Waiōhiki, Napier. 

Te Wai Mauri Limited

Te Wai Mauri Limited aims to protect and enhance te taiao through restoration of riparian and wetland areas within Hawke's Bay.

Our team of Kaitiaki Rangers complete contract work including but not limited to fencing, planting, weed management and pest control. Our native nursery sources seed locally and grows hardy pioneer and riparian species suited to Hawke's Bay conditions. 

We welcome you to contact us with queries in relation to your restoration projects -we can provide you with quotes for native plant supply as well as quotes for the kaimahi ("workers": our Kaitiaki Rangers) to do the planting and maintenance for you -a one-stop-shop! 

Cultural and Environmental Monitoring

Te Wai Mauri are able to undertake environmental and cultural monitoring projects.

Te Wai Mauri have conducted cultural monitoring in the Ahuriri Estuary and Tūtaekuri River. Te Wai Mauri have specialists who are able to perform these services.

Te Wai Mauri Kaitiaki Rangers in action