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Te Wai Mauri Nursery is a native plant nursery based at Waiohiki Marae in Hawke’s Bay. We grow and supply native plants for riparian and wetland planting, restoration, and native landscaping projects.

Te Wai Mauri Nursery enhance connections to our whenua and our community through growing high - quality native plants. We are committed to restoring our taiao and recloaking Papatūānuku.

Te Wai Mauri Nursery LogoOur dedicated nursery team produce locally sourced native plants for the Hawke’s Bay Region. We provide plants suitable for:

  • Riparian planting
  • Urban/semi urban sites
  • Wetlands
  • Coastal Zone
  • Inland/Upland Open Sites
  • Food & Habitat for Birds/Wildlife
  • Restoration
  • Lowland Open Sites
  • Farmland
  • Wetlands

Nursery Plant List

Te Wai Mauri Nursery Plant List - Place your order now to secure stock for 2023 autumn/winter planting season.

Pricing Structure for all species (according to grade)

Grade Qty 1-100 plants  (ex GST) Qty 101+ plants  (ex GST)
Hilson Root trainer $3.70 each $3.00 each
Bomen 28 Cell $5.00 each $3.80 each
1.5L Pot $9.50 each $7.00 each

Grade/Pot Size:

  • Root trainers are sold in multiples of 4
  • 28 cell Bomen sold in multiples of 28
1.5L Pot Example Root Trainer Example
1.5L Pot Root Trainer


Te Wai Mauri Nursery Plant List 2023

Place your order now to secure stock for 2023 autumn/winter planting season.

Botanical Name Māori or Common Name Grade/Pot Size Qty available
Alectryon excelsus Tītoki 1.5l pot 923
Anemanthele lessoniana Gossamer grass Hilson root trainer 100
Anthropodium cirratum Rengarenga lily 1.5l pot 199
Aristotelia serrata Makomako 1.5l pot SOLD OUT
Asplenium bulbiferum Hen & chicken fern 1.5L SOLD OUT
Austroderia fulvida Toetoe Hilson root trainer SOLD OUT
Carex secta Purei Hilson root trainer 5,484
Carex virgata Pukio/Sedge Hilson root trainer 3,132
Clianthus maximus Kākābeak Red 1.5L pot 100
Coprosma propinqua Mingimingi 28 cell bomen 398
Coprosma robusta Karamū 28 cell bomen 2,788
Cordyline australis Tī kouka/Cabbage Tree 28 cell bomen 5,519
Corynocarpus laevigatus Karaka 1.5L pot 231
Dacrycarpus dacrydioides Kahikatea 1.5L pot SOLD OUT
Dodonaea viscosa Akeake Red/ Green Hilson root trainer 8,000
Fuchsia excorticata Kotukutuku 1.5l pot SOLD OUT
Griselinia littoris Kapuka 28 cell bomen 112
Hebe stricta Koromiko 28 cell bomen SOLD OUT
Hoheria populnea Lacebark Hilson root trainer SOLD OUT
Kunzea spp Kanuka Hilson root trainer 7,740
Leptospermum scoparium Mānuka Hilson root trainer 7,976
Macropiper excelsum Kawakawa 28 cell bomen 252
Melicytus ramiflora Māhoe 28 cell bomen 1,652
Phormium cookianum Whāriki Hilson root trainer 4,896
Phormium tenax Harakeke Hilson root trainer SOLD OUT
Pittosporum crassifolium Karo Hilson root trainer 196
Pittosporum eugenioides Tarata/Lemonwood 28 cell bomen SOLD OUT
Pittosporum tenuiflora Kōhūhū 28 cell bomen 1,012
Pittosporum ralphii Ralph’s karo Hilson root trainer SOLD OUT
Plagianthus divaricatus Saltmarsh Ribbonwood 28 cell bomen SOLD OUT
Plagianthus regius Ribbonwood Hilson root trainer 3,692
Podocarpus totara Tōtara 28 cell bomen SOLD OUT
Pseudopanax arboreus Whauwhaupaku/5 finger 1.5L pot 659
Pseudopanax crassifolius Lancewood 1.5L pot SOLD OUT
Schefflera digitata 7 finger 28 cell bomen SOLD OUT
Sophora microphylla Small leaved kōwhai 28 cell bomen 3,220
Sophora tetraptera Large leaved kōwhai 28 cell bomen 7,936
Vitex lucens Pūriri 1.5L pot 17


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